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Created on 2012-08-22 04:05:20 (#1708183), last updated 2012-08-22 (265 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jun 2
Website:fantasies everlasting


Name : beanscurd | 冰豆bean
Realname : some of you probly have known... Yup, I'm the twin brother of Kagamine Rin!
Like : money, procastinating, manga-manhua, pretty boys, BL-SA-801, pretty girls, running man, drawing, sleeping, eating, soymilk, shopping, singing, giving critiques and comments, make-up, ancient civilization especially 3 big orientals (china-japan-korea), enjoying cosplay
Dislike : liar, hypocrite, provocator
Idol : jaejoong, gackt, jack gyllenhaal, jason statham, kang gary
Manga author : kitakami ren, yamamoto kotetsuko, natsume isaku, shimizu yuki, Yamimaru Enjin, clamp, akino matsuri, yoshida akimi, masashi ueda

This is Bean's speaking. I'm an illustrator-wanna-be who always have pretty boys in my illustration. I love making them wearing oriental style clothes with lots of sexy opening. I dream of building a pretty boy harem at the back of my house....

I'm so much in love with yaoi manga and Chinese BL 耽美 novel~ I love oriental and chinese classic/ancient story with lots of pretty boys and more pretty boys. Those long black hair, slender body, long sleeve and all~~ I love to draw them with their clothes dangerously hanging loose on their body, showing off their milk-white skin oh so very sexy.

Oh, don't worry, I don't f-lock my entry unless it's veryveryvery necessary. So, you don't have to friend me just to see my entries. I don't like to add some random, blank journal or total stranger, so if you don't update much or I find your journal with minor update (but there is an exceptional), I won't add you. My journal is free for everyone WHO IS NOT ANTI-YAOI. So, if you are an ANTI-YAOI, don't waste your eff-ing time and go back to your papa's lap. Please respect my decision as I respect yours. This kind of thing is getting really serious and endless.

English is not my first language, so if you find me talking some shit you don't understand, go easy on me, 'k? I don't make my life with english though.

I am friendly and don't bite human. I ain't vampire though I have a weird fetish toward vampire. I have a very drastic mood swing according to my friend. I blab like there is no tomorrow in a moment and I'll stay golden silence in the next second. (I am not really aware of this

I only understand Indonesian, English, Hokkian (as it's my mama's language),chinese, broken japanese, and totally creepy korean(?) 8D

I don't update my LJ often, but I always check on everything on LJ. I'm pretty active in my DeviantArt and Twitter.

I'm in love with this epic BL novel entitled 凤于九天 FengYuJiuTian by 风弄 FengNong, art by 王一 WangYi. This series will be one of my all time favorite series, and that's why I feel the need to introduce it here, hoping I'll find someone I can share my happiness. This title is standing side by side with another epic series of Japanese manga entitled [是] Ze by Shimizu Yuki-sensei. I'm following both series and never feel so contented and so happy before upon reading it. If you are new to this title, it's a very RECOMMENDED series and currently on-going. If you are not new to this title and love it to an endless bottom, welcooooome!! Let's spazz together! X) GOD, I SO LOVE IT!

I used to love TVXQ before they disbanded (hope it's only temporary....) especially the man whose middle name is "hero", the is the hero of beautiful~ I am using "used to" here for a reason. In my opinion, eventho TVXQ still exists, it's not the same anymore. I don't like it, but i don't want to give a damn about it. I hope when the time comes, I'll get to delete this "used to" cos it really means a lot to me in my younger days.

See you~

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beancurd, bishounen, bl, cosplay, daomubiji, digital art, douhua, drawing, fanart, fengyujiutian, hero jaejoong, honjou rie, illustration, jaeho, kenfuni, kenn王爷, kim jaejoong, kitakami ren, manga, music, natsume isaku, painting, shimizu yuki, singing, traditional art, wang yi, wangyi, yamamoto kotetsuko, yaoi, yunjae, yunzai, ze,  凤鸣,  容凤,  王一, とうほうしんき, ジェジュン, トウホウシンキ, ユンジェ, 东方神起, 中国古代风格, 允在, 凤于九天, 北上れん, 在浩, 夏目イサク, 子岩, 山本小鉄子, 志水ゆき, 插画, 是, 本庄りえ, 本庄理惠, 狄岩, 瑜花, 瓶邪王道, 盜墓筆記, 美人, 美人图, 美少年, 美男, 耽美, 耽美小说, 艺术, 花瑜, 英雄在中, 豆花, 贺岩, 贺狄, 金在中
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